My Background

Jon Craig is a freelance commercial photographer based in the Southwest of the UK.

Commissioned to work across the Uk and abroad, Jon Craig Photography has been providing images for a variety of companies from local business and high end bluechip to PR, press, marketing, food, TV, publishing and Government.

Acquiring a combination of many skills working in demanding environments, Jon always delivers

exceptional images on time within budget and often going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a job is done.

Photography as Communication

See PhotosHow many times have you viewed something of interest to read or a purchase and you simply switch off through lack of good content or pictures?

Think about when your potential new clients look at your webiste, brochure and what you are trying to communicate. If it's not right they won't stay!

Providing effective words and pictures are key to retaining interest so even though so many people have the facility to take a picture, it takes a bit more to MAKE a picture and hold the interest of your prospect.

Viewing Images

We can supply you with any mixture of images that we may feel are suitable to what you are looking for in order to get a booking but we feel our conitnued referrals from those we work speak volumes about what we deliver.

If you require specific samples then get in touch or, simply click this link and browse through the many jobs we've completed.


You could also simply search ' Jon Craig Bristol ' and add a key word such as, portrait, bridge, landscape, docks or a specific person or event to find an assortment of images and decide for yourself what you like.  


Rates depend on few factors but we like to keep this as simple as possible. For any otherassignment that might require a lot more input, staff, equipment andf planning then we would schedule a chat or meeting to establish a work plan.

As a
' rough guide '  we work on the following which depends on the intensity of each job.

Some jobs can be as simple as an hour or so, in and out, little travel or work so we wouldn't expect to quote or charge the higher rate.

We also offer a fair bit of discounted work to anybody and in particulay, charity, so to get an accurate cost, get in touch!

£200 to £300 half day

£400 to £600 full day

Keep Up to Date!